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Model Publication Scheme

A Publication Scheme is a specific guide to the information that an authority holds. Stockport NHS Foundation Trust’s Publication Scheme has been designed to comply with revised guidance published by the Information Commissioner’s Office  in 2008. As such, the information provided in this section is divided into seven classes of information.

The Information Commissioner`s Office is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and has drawn up a Model Publication Scheme for all public sector organisations. The Commissioner has also published a Definition Document for NHS organisations, which sets out in some detail what his minimum expectations are as far as we are concerned.

All of the information referred to in the publication scheme is readily available to the public, either via the Trust website, in hard copy on request or by inspection at Trust premises. Some information contained within the scheme is only available on payment of a fee.

The Trust publishes certain categories of information as a matter of routine in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Publication Scheme

Below are the links to the information available under the Trust`s Publication Scheme:

  • Who we are and what we do - Details of our organisation structure, how we fit into the NHS and lists of organsations we work in partnership with, board members and contact details for our public facing departments.
  • What we spend and how we spend it - Details on annual statements, budgets, allowances, pay grade structure and contracts tendered and awarded.
  • Our priorities and how are we doing - Information including annual plans/reports, targets, performance, patient and service user surveys and audits.
  • How we make decisions - Information including board papers, minutes of meetings and public consultations.
  • Our policies and procedures - Information on all policies and procedures that our Trust adheres to, data protection and information governance.
  • Lists and Registers  - Information that our trust is legally required to provide publically.
  • The services we offer - Information on services provided by our Trust, including advice and guidance.

We review the information we routinely put into the public domain to ensure we are compliant with the Definition Document. Most of the information we make routinely available can be accessed through our website by using the search facility. This information is continually updated. If you cannot find information through the search engine and we have indicated in the Definition Document that the information is routinely available, this may be because the information cannot be loaded onto our website. In such circumstances, please contact the Information Governance Department at the address below, and ask for the information to be provided to you.

Accessing information which is not included in the Publication Scheme

As an open and transparent organisation we are committed to routinely publishing as much information as possible. However, if you want information which is not on our website or otherwise available through our guide to information, you may ask us for it in accordance with further provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and of the Environmental Information Regulations 2005. Requests for such information should be sent to the FOI Officer at the address below.

Information Governance Department/Freedom of Information
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