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The Data We Collect

The Trust is a Data Controller, which means we ‘own’ the information (or data) we collect and we are responsible for controlling what is done with that information.  As a Controller, we collect a lot of data about a broad range of subjects not only about people but also about our services.

Most of the data we collect can identify a person, which we need to make sure that we have accurate records, and we create these records which are kept in electronic systems against a person’s name as well as a unique identifier such as an NHS Number for patients, or a National Insurance number in the case of staff. 

The majority of the data is sensitive (i.e. medical information) and is kept to a stricter level of security. We collect directly from patients and service users, such as when you are being admitted to the hospital, and we also collect information whilst you are using a service, or from other sources to help us provide a service.

With certain types of data we cross reference with other organisations (all Data Controllers in their own right) to ensure we are referring to the correct person and this sharing will have a Data Sharing Agreement to ensure it is fair and legal.