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Why We Process Data

We collect and use your personal data in many different ways. This depends on how you interact with the Trust, for example whether you visit our website to browse, search, and share information or to apply for access to your personal information.

Specifically we process and collect data to:

  • Allow us to perform our function as a healthcare provider
  • carry out our legal and contractual obligations, and continuously improve the quality of our services
  • keep patient information up to date and readily available in a convenient format
  • provide you with up to date information on our services
  • prevent and detect potential fraud and crime
  • protect the public purse
  • have accurate and up to date information for safeguarding adults and children
  • make adequate provision for auditing
  • carry out emergency response planning
  • anonymised research purposes
  • assist other public authority organisations with performing their public functions

 Where appropriate, we will also use contact information to allow us to contact you by Text Message/Electronic correspondence. You can opt out of this service by letting staff know, or by contacting the Information Governance team.

It is not always possible to advise why we need specific data and whether it will be shared, for example if it is given verbally, provided to us in an email, or background information sharing. We will always endeavour to be transparent with how we are using your information, if you would like to know specifically how we use your data, you can ask by emailing the Trust’s Data Protection Officer at