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Information for Overseas / Chargeable patients

** The contents of this page have expired and the information displayed may not be correct

If you do not normally live in the United Kingdom, you may be required to pay for your NHS funded secondary care treatment. This applies regardless of nationality, having an NHS number, or being registered at a GP practice, even if you are a former UK resident or tax payer.

The Overseas Visitors Team will be advised that you are accessing NHS care at this hospital. They will contact you via interview or post to assess your eligibility for NHS-funded care. You may be asked to provide documentary evidence to establish your eligibility.

For exemption categories and guidance on eligibility, please refer to the Gov.uk page ‘How the NHS charges overseas visitors for NHS hospital care’.

All treatment in our A&E is free.

If you are an EEA national and you have a valid EHIC, please show this at the reception desk when you register in A&E, or for any other hospital attendances.

If you have a planned attendance at our hospital, please bring documentary evidence with you to prove your eligibility or exemption if this applies to you. If you are unsure of your status, please bring documents with you that will assist us in establishing your status. Please be prepared to pay for your treatment upfront if you are not eligible or exempt.


If you are not eligible for NHS-funded treatment, you will receive an invoice and be required to pay the full cost of your hospital treatment. Where NHS care has been provided to you in advance of payment you will still be required to pay afterwards. If the clinician assesses your treatment as non-urgent and you are not eligible or exempt, you may be asked to pay for your treatment upfront.


If the treatment you require is deemed by the clinician to be immediately necessary (all Maternity treatment is regarded as immediately necessary) or urgent it will not be withheld and will go ahead without delay, though you will still be charged for treatment if no exemption category applies to you.

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