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Your support matters

Help us to work towards a better future. To make a donation to the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust charity, complete our  donation form or visit our Just Giving site.


Making a Donation

Our charity funds projects, that support and improve services for patients, which are usually outside the scope of the NHS. For example, extra equipment and research programmes. We couldn`t do this without the fantastic support of individual, groups and organisations. Your donation really does make a huge difference.

For special arrangements for donations during the Covid19 health emergency, see further details below.

Donations are also welcome to support specific patient departments and wards. Registered Charity Number 1048661.

Just Giving

Our official Just Giving site easily helps people fundraise or donate and support our good causes as well as helping our charity make the very most from donations with GiftAid.

Making a donation

If you would like to make a donation to a particular cause, then please check our Just Giving page. If you simply want to make a donation, please make cheques payable to Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. Please specify in a covering letter which ward or department you are making the donation to or complete our donation form. Please note that donations to individual members of staff cannot be accepted.

If you have none financial donation or gift and you would like to know how to hand give it to us, then please e-mail donations@stockport.nhs.uk


We have a number of fundraising projects to help improve services and care for our patients. We would be very grateful if you could support any of these.

One current fundraising appeal is the `Scope Guide Fund` to raise money for state-of-the-art new equipment for our endoscopy department. For more information on the Scope Guide Fund appeal see here.


Donating items or money to support the Covid19 health emergency

We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our community in collecting funds and gifts for our staff, and we would like to thank everyone who has made a donation to us, either through our justgiving page, our donations team donations@stockport.nhs.uk or via people who are doing individual fund and donation raising in the community.

We have received several requests from members of the public to check whether items they have donated vis third parties have come in to our trust.  Unfortunately if you have donated through a third party, we are unable to verify whether this is valid.

Our only endorsed routes for donations are :

 Donations of money:

Justgiving page.  This page is part of our official Charitable funds.  You can either make a direct donation, or you can set up a fundraiser. Our donation fund is part of NHS Charities Together.


Gifted items:

Our donations team is accepting and distributing all items which have been donated to us.  They can be contacted at: donations@stockport.nhs.uk We have been donated a wide range of items including personal protective equipment (PPE), hot food, bottled water, toiletries, iPads and coffee machines.  A full list of our donors will be available shortly.

Our donations team are currently actively seeking the following items:  hand cream, face cream (non fragranced), cooling foot spray, deodorant, and handwash/soap.  You can send donations to: Stockport NHS Foundation Trust, Stepping Hill Hospital, Donations, Pinewood House, Poplar Grove, Stockport SK2 7JE. Please remember to include your name, address, business details (where appropriate) and contact details when making a donation.  Please get in touch with the team if you would like to discuss anything that is not on this list.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We are very grateful for the donations of PPE.  Please note that for PPE and other consumable items, these are all reviewed by our procurement, EBME (Electro-Biomedical Engineering) and infection prevention teams before we can accept them for use.  This enables us to ensure that the goods can be used in appropriate areas of the trust and are fit for use.

 Food items:

If you would like to donate food items eg meals for staff please contact donations@stockport.nhs.uk before coming on to any of our sites, so that the team can ensure we are sending them to teams as needed.  Please note that we can only accept food donations from recognised food outlets. 

Please do not come onto any of our sites without prior notice and agreement from our donations team. 

Record keeping and distribution of items

As a trust we have a responsibility to keep a record of all donations as they come in.  By sending your donations to us in the above ways, it also means we can share donations fairly amongst all our hard working staff.

Many thanks for your generous gifts and continued support.




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