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Stroke - Stepping Hill Hospital

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Our current visiting times are 2pm to 3pm and 7pm to 8pm, 2 visitors per patient, if any concerns or questions relating to ward visiting please contact ward sister. 

Hyper Acute Stroke Unit and short stay rehab unit  (Ward A10) 0161 419 5103/5104

Long term rehab Unit (Ward E1) 0161 419 4916/4917




Phone number: 0161 419 4916/4917

About Our Service

We offer Hyper Acute Stroke Care between the hours of 7am to 11pm daily, seven days a week.

We have three units, Our Hyper Acute Stroke Unit (HASU) based within the emergency department where we provide life saving emergency treatment such as thrombolysis.

Our 28 bedded Stroke ward A10, which has 15 Acute Beds and 13 Rehab beds, situated on the first floor.

We also have a 30 bedded Long term Rehab unit ward E1, situated on the ground floor.


Pathway through the Stroke Services


Our patients will be initially taken to our HASU unit within A and E and then taken to ward A10, for those individuals who will need long term rehab they may be transferred to our long term rehab unit on ward E1, others will receive their rehabilitation on ward A10. 

As we treat patients from across Greater Manchester after their acute treatment has completed they will be listed for a bed at their base hospital and when available a transfer will be arranged.


Our Expertise

The multi-disciplinary team works together to ensure that every patient receives the medical, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, dietetics, social service and psychological support they require to optimise the recovery from their stroke. A physiotherapy gym and therapy rooms also support the patient’s treatment.

One of the treatments we provide is thrombolysis, a clot-busting drug that works by dissolving the blood clot and restoring the blood flow to the brain of the stroke patient. Our rates for treatment success and patients being seen shortly after arrival are well above the national average.

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