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Podiatry - Stockport

Contact Information

Department Opening hours 08:00 - 16:30

Telephone lines open Monday -  Friday 09:30 - 16:00

Podiatry telephone number – 0161 204 4777

Appointments are available Monday – Friday, 8.00am- 5.00pm at 14 clinic locations across Stockport -

  • Bramhall HC 66 Bramhall Lane South, Stockport. SK7 2DY
  • Brinnington HC Brinnington Road, Stockport SK5 8BS
  • Cheadle Hulme HC Hulme Hall Road, Stockport SK8 6LU
  • Gatley MC Old Hall Road, Stockport SK8 4DG
  • Hazel Grove HC 253 London Road, Stockport SK7 4PW
  • Heald Green HC Finney Lane, Stockport SK8 3JD
  • Heaton Norris HC Cheviot Close, Stockport SK4 1JX
  • Kingsgate House Floor 1 Wellington Road North, Stockport SK4 1LW
  • Marple HC Memorial Park, Stockport SK6 6BA
  • North Reddish HC Longford Road West, Stockport SK5 6ET
  • Offerton HC 10 Offerton Lane, Stockport SK2 5AR
  • Shaw Heath HC Gilmore Street, Stockport SK3 8DN
  • Stepping Hill Hospital Out Patients B, Stockport SK2 7JE
  • Woodley HC Hyde Road, Stockport SK6 1ND


About Our Service

About Our Service

Podiatry is the medical discipline which deals with foot related health and disease. The word podiatry has largely replaced the term chiropody by professionals. Podiatrists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the foot and ankle.

The Podiatry Service is aimed at people with `at risk` feet. This means that priority will be given to people who have been diagnosed with poor circulation, loss of feeling in the feet, or another medical condition which places them at risk of developing ulcerations, infections or other significant foot problems.

We do not offer a simple nail cutting service to patients whose feet are not considered to be `at risk`. The following leaflet is aimed at providing you with the necessary information to undertake regular nail care in a safe and confident manner and advice on common ailments.

Treatment will only be provided if deemed necessary by the podiatrist.

What we offer

We work as an integral member of the Integrated Care Business Group interfacing with other appropriate services including; Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Vascular, Tissue Viability, Secondary care surgical provision also working in multi / interdisciplinary clinics where appropriate.

We offer:

  • Appropriate triage, assessment and treatment of those identified with foot health problems.
  • Specialist prevention, education, and training programmes designed and provided across Stockport.
  • Diabetic foot screening and assessment to include vascular and neurological assessments
  • Specialist wound care clinics for complex foot ulcerations
  • Assessment and treatment of adults with Musculoskeletal problems administering corticosteroid injections where appropriate. We produce majority of our own insoles in-house at our podiatry laboratory
  • Early assessment and intervention for children with foot related diseases including complex neurological conditions which affect gait.
  • Effective procedures for partial or total nail avulsion in order to treat acute or chronic nail problems such as in-growing, grossly thickened or misshapen nails.

We also offer 3 ‘walk in’ clinics each week for people not registered with Stockport podiatry who have urgent foot problems such as septic toes or open foot wounds. These sessions are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1.30pm until 3.30pm at Kingsgate House 2nd Floor Wellington Road North, Stockport SK4 1LW. Excluding Bank Holidays. CEASED CURRENTLY

Our Expertise

All the podiatrists are registered with the Healthcare Professions Council and hold either an MSc degree, BSc degree or for the longer qualified staff a diploma in podiatry. We are actively involved in providing training programmes for our staff to ensure that their practice is up to date.

How to Use the Service

Before your visit

Patients can self-refer for a triage assessment by phoning the Podiatry administration number above.

You will receive a letter in the post asking you to contact within 3 weeks to arrange an appointment at one of our triage clinics. If you fail to opt-in within 28 day period you will be discharged from the service and you will be required to re-apply should you wish to access the service.

Before you attend, think about any health issues that you have been experiencing, write down any medicines that you are taking and any operations you have had. Also write down any questions you may have for the Podiatrist.

During your visit

At your appointment the Podiatrist will undertake a thorough assessment of your medical and podiatric needs to determine any podiatry intervention required this may be in the form of treatment, education, insole provision or referral into one of our specialised services. You will be asked to remove your socks and shoes – come in the shoes you wear the most. We may give you treatment at this assessment appointment but not always. If you require a further podiatry appointment you will be given the podiatry appointment booking line telephone number to call for your next appointment.

After your visit

If you have been given advice on suitable footwear we do expect that you undertake this advice in order to optimise your podiatric health.  You should also follow any self help advice or excercise regime in readiness for your next appointment if one is required.




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