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Parenting Team - Stockport

Contact Information

Address:       Upper Ground Floor, Central House, Wellington Road South, Stockport, SK1 3TA

Tel:                  0161 835 6767

Email:             parentingteam@stockport.nhs.uk

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/stockportparenting



About Our Service

We are a small team of specialist Parenting Practitioners passionate about our work. We support parents and carers to understand the emotional and behavioural difficulties their child may be experiencing in order to improve parent-child relationships and family harmony.

Our Practitioners come from a variety of backgrounds in health, such as Health Visiting, School Nursing and Mental Health, specialising in parent and child interventions. Our practice is heavily supported by research and evidence of what works to promote the social emotional development of a child through our support of parents in order to create positive behavioural and emotional changes.

Our Expertise


We deliver the Incredible Years programme for parents. This is a 14 week course which promotes children’s emotional, social and academic competence, and prevents, reduces and treats behavioural and emotional problems in young children.

The 10 week From Timid to Tiger course supports parents to understand children’s anxious behaviours and how to help develop confidence and achieve a reduction in worrying behaviours and thoughts in their child.

An online self directed study course for parents is available called Understanding your Child. This flexible programme is comprised of 11 modules covering for example: relationships, child development, attachment, behaviours, communication and understanding.

Our parents tell us that our courses are fun, informative and most of all they work!


We offer a 5 hour Sleep workshop for parents where a behavioural cause has been identified for the disruption, and a shorter 2 hour virtual Sleep seminar. These focus on improving sleep hygiene and creating achievable bedtime routines.



For parents where a group intervention is not suitable an appointment can be offered with a practitioner to discuss their concerns in detail. This is a personalised short focused intervention involving a detailed assessment in order to understand your concerns. We work with you to create a plan of support that is suitable for you and your family. A review appointment is booked at the end of the session.

Examples of types of issues parents may wish to discuss include: Sleep disturbance, attachment worries, difficulties managing emotions (if group work not suitable), or more complex feeding, toileting and behavioural issues.

Group work and individual appointments are usually provided from a variety of community venues across Stockport such as Start Well Hubs and Satellites, however, due to the impact of Covid all our services are currently being delivered virtually or via telephone consultations

How to Use the Service

The NHS Parenting Team can be accessed by parents with children up to 11 years of age (primary school), with a Stockport address via Professional Referral. This can be someone who is currently supporting you such as your Health Visitor, School Nurse, Teacher, GP or Social Worker

You will be contacted by letter confirming that we have received a referral and identifying what support we can offer you to help resolve and improve your concerns.

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NSPCC National Helpline 0808 800 5000

Stockport Contact Centre 0161 217 6028

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Online course Solihill parent info leaflet

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