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Children's Speech and Language Therapy - Stockport

Contact Information

Children`s Speech and Language Therapy (SLT/ SALT) Services: 

Telephone: 0161 204 4153/4154


For general enquiries / referrals: CTSAdmin@stockport.nhs.uk

For Training: CTSTrainining@stockport.nhs.uk

Our service runs between normal working hours Monday to Friday.

Some training courses for parents are offered in the evenings.

For more information on supporting your child’s speech and language development or more general support

available in the local area please visit :

Language, learning and play – Start Well (startwellstockport.co.uk)

Stockport SEND Local Offer | Stockport Information and Childcare Directory (fsd.org.uk)

About Our Service

The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) service provides assessment, diagnosis, advice and treatment for children with a range of speech, language and communication and swallowing difficulties. Treatment may be offered on an individual or group basis or through programmes of advice. The NHS service is for children with a Stockport GP up to the age of 16 years or 19 years if they attend Heaton Special School. The NHS SLTs may also be funded by a child’s school/local authority to meet a child’s needs under an educational duty as described in Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice.

The service is divided into teams depending on your child’s age & needs.

What should you do if you are concerned about your child’s speech, language or communication skills, or their feeding / swallowing?

Pre-School children: The health visitor / early years worker will carry out a number of checks on your child between 0-5 using ‘Ages and Stages’ and you can speak with them about any concerns you may have at this time.  You can also talk to your Health Visitor or Nursery Staff if you are concerned about your child’s speech and language development. If you are concerned about your child’s development in more areas than just communication, call your health visitor for advice/information. They can make a referral to any service they feel is appropriate for your child. 

School Age Children:  If you are concerned ask the school teacher / special educational needs co-ordinator to discuss your child with their named therapist.  If appropriate a referral can then be taken for the NHS speech and language therapist.

What will happen next?

What will happen next depends on the difficulties your child is having. These may be with speech, language or social communication, dysfluency (stammering) and, or feeding / swallowing skills.

Your child may be offered intervention from the early years workforce, school or nursery staff.  The Speech and Language Team can also offer further support and advice as needed. 

Parents/carers may be asked to carry out speech and language activities with their own child. 

School may be advised to follow in school interventions and a referral may or may not be needed.

Your child may be taken on by the speech and language therapy NHS team and offered a range of therapies such as group sessions or individual sessions with the speech and language therapist. 

Children may be given a programme of activities that nursery / school support staff would carry out with them and the therapist would see them again to review their progress. 

The Speech and Language Therapy service may also offer direct therapy to children with the most severe communication and / or feeding / swallowing difficulties.   

Parents may be invited to training sessions to help them support their child’s needs.

This could include:

Makaton Training – use of signs and symbols to support language and speech development

Visual Approaches to support Autism

SLT strategies for children with speech language and communication needs.

For any queries or more information about opportunities offered by the service to empower parents / carers through training please email CTSTraining@stockport.nhs.uk

The level of service and support will depend upon the specific needs of your child’s speech , language, communication and / or feeding / swallowing difficulties.

When should a child be referred to speech and language therapy?

Children should be referred to Speech and Language Therapy for assessments / advice as follows: 

  • Children with severe speech or language delay including stammering.  Severe usually means children with a delay in their language of over 12 months.
  • If a child is stammering they should be referred immediately. 
  • Children showing signs of being selective mute should be referred immediately.
  • Children whose language has regressed, i.e. they have lost language they previously had should be referred immediately.
  • Children with feeding and swallowing difficulties should be referred immediately.
  • Children with complex language and communication needs including Autism who need more help to achieve their developmental goals.
  • School age children who are very unclear with their speech and mixing up sounds well beyond the age expected. ( NB Schools have a computer tool ‘Speechlink’ to screen children and provide in school help where appropriate before making a referral).

 School age children who are stammering and need more help.

Our Expertise

All Speech and Language Therapists are HCPC registered (Health Care Professions Council). We have staff trained to the equivalent of masters level and have a wealth of experience and expertise in many specialities.

What you can expect from us

Your child will work with a member of the speech and language therapy team who has the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience to manage your child’s speech and language problems, whatever their level of difficulty.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and you will receive coordinated care and feedback to meet your child’s needs. 

If you would like to speak directly with the Speech and Language Therapy Services, you can contact the team to discuss the specific needs of your child. 

Speech and Language Therapists will provide assessments and make recommendations about the educational needs of a child. If the child has a speech language or communication need that requires special educational provision this will usually be provided by the school funding the speech therapy. This is described in the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice.

How to Use the Service

If you are concerned or worried about your child’s speech, language, communication or feeding and swallowing, speak with your nursery / school setting or health visitor and they will advise you if a referral to the NHS Speech and Language Therapy service would be appropriate.

If you are a Stockport Foundation Trust health professional using the EMIS patient system: Please use the referral form on the EMIS system and Task the ‘0-16yrsOTPhysioSaltCDU’ exorg task box

If you do not use the EMIS system as a member of  Stockport Foundation Trust please email CTSAdmin@stockport.nhs.uk to request the current referral form. 

Referrals not completed on this form will be returned to the referrer.

Referrals from parents can be taken over the phone or using the emailed form, but further information may be sought before the referral is processed.

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