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Children`s Continence (PEBBLES) - Stockport

Contact Information

 For any further information about the service please contact your school nurse, health visitor or GP.

For general advice and enquiries you can contact the Health Visiting and School Nursing advice line on 0161 835 6789 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. It provides support from Health Visitors and School Nurses on all aspects of child health, development and parenting including – sleep, healthy eating, management of minor illnesses, child development, speech and communication, behavior, general health and emotional well-being, immunisations, toilet training and special educational needs


If you have already been referred to the service/if you need to contact the service directly you can email childrenscontinence@stockport.nhs.uk or ring on 0161 835 6750.


About Our Service

PEBBLES is based in the community. We provide evidence-based specialist care for children and young people age 0 – 19 years with a Stockport GP. We offer support for children and young people with chronic constipation, soiling, bedtime wetting, daytime wetting, delayed toilet training and children not toilet trained due to a physical or learning disability.

The care is always focused on the individual child and we will identify the most appropriate care pathway for the child, implementing a treatment plan and evaluating the care. Continence products can be provided but this is only following a robust assessment, and alongside a treatment programme to try and promote continence, products will only be considered after the age of 5 years. The service offers a range of different appointments and will liaise with school, school nurse, GP, Consultant and any other professionals who may be involved with their care.


Our Expertise

We are a small team but have a huge amount of experience with complex continence issues of both which are physical and behavioral in nature. We keep the child or young person at the centre of their care and we recognise the impact continence issues have on the whole family.


Testimonials from service users:


“The children’s continence team have made a huge impact in both my daughters and my family’s life. She really struggled for such a long time and support from the children’s continence team she now is a happy little girl with an understanding of toileting that is nothing but amazing. Thank you for all your help!”

“You really are appreciated and wanted you to know it! I admire your dedicated work and support. Thanks again.”

“Thank you so much for your help with our son. He is a much happier boy at home and especially at school not that his continence problems have been solved.”

How to use the service:

We are unable to take direct referrals. Please contact your health visitor or school nurse who will complete an assessment of your child’s continence needs. They are able to give advice and support and will put some strategies in place that are important to helping the child’s continence needs.

If your child’s continence needs are more complex a referral to the children’s continence service will be made. Once under the care of the service, we undertake a comprehensive assessment and will ask for charts to be completed, these charts are really important to the care of your child or young person and finding the best way forward, to help manage/improve the problem.

Useful web links

https://www.eric.org.uk and Freephone number: 0808 169 9949

https://www.bbuk.org.uk and contact number: 0161 214 4591

How to Use the Service

You will need to contact your health visitor or school nurse who will complete an assessment of your child’s continence issues. They are able to give you advice and support with your child’s continence problems and put some strategies in place that might be valuable. If your child’s problems are more complex and they are aged between 3-19 they will refer you to the children’s continence service.
You will be sent a letter asking if you would like to be seen by the children’s continence service. This needs to be returned and then an appointment will be sent out to you. The first appointment is usually for 45 minutes as there will be a lot of things to discuss. If further appointments need to be made they will be booked in then. The following ones are about 30 minutes.

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