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Staying in Hospital?

Download our guide to staying in hospital patient bedside information folder.


Coming in to Hospital

Find us

Stepping Hill Hospital is located just off the A6, approximately 2 miles south of Stockport town centre.

Please find more information about public transport, parking and park and ride.  Our   Stepping Hill Hospital site map  shows where you need to go.

Coming in as an inpatient

We want your stay with us to be as comfortable as possible.

Things to bring with you may include: lightweight clothes for during the day, night wear; slippers; dressing gown; toiletries, including soap and shampoo; toothbrush; toothpaste/denture cleaner; newspapers; books, etc. Regrettably, a personal laundry service cannot be offered. You can explore a selection of our hospital services by viewing our virtual tours

We support the `Dressed is Best` initiative to help our patients get dressed and get moving, which aims to speed-up patients’ recovery and reduce the length of time people need to spend in hospital. You can find out more here.


Patient Safety Leaflet and video

A new national NHS video and leaflet, ‘Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay’, has been launched providing tips and advice on simple things patients can do to look after their safety during a hospital stay.

While the safety of patients is a priority for NHS staff, the video and leaflet provide advice on things patients can do themselves to help stay safe, such as wearing the right footwear to protect themselves from slips and falls, doing leg and ankle exercises to help prevent blood clots and washing hands to prevent the spread of infections.

Patients are encouraged to view the video and leaflet before coming into hospital, as these simple things can make a big difference to staying safe and well during their stay.

The video and leaflet can be found on the NHS England website on this link.

The leaflet is available in a number of different languages, and a British Sign Language (BSL) version of the video is available.


Traffic Management Measures on site  

Please be aware that construction work has now began on the new emergency and urgent care campus on the hospital site, and as a result some new traffic management measures are in place.

The main restrictions during this period for vehicles driven by both staff and members of the public are that there will no longer be the option to wait in vehicles at the hospital main entrance, and there is now a one-way system in the area between the Poplar Grove entrance and the Bramhall Moor Lane entrance, which includes the Emergency Department (A&E) area. Vehicles can only left or right at the Pinewood House bus-stop junction, rather than go straight on.   Vehicles entering the site from the Bramhall Moor Lane entrance will now only be able to turn left. 

This does not apply to emergency ambulances, construction deliveries and other site specific vehicles, and also does not apply to busses. It has been ensured that all public transport routes to the site are still in place, and additional patient drop-off points have been provided to replace the main entrance area.

For further information on the new routes and restrictions, please see the map below.

Traffic management site map - EUCC construction August 2022






Please bring any medication you are on with you, and any information given to you by your GP. This will save time for both your admission and discharge. It will also avoiding delays in drug administration, which is especially important for Parkinson’s and epileptic patients.

Once the hospital doctor has assessed you, your information can be sent home with your family, or kept safely on the ward for you. On some wards, you may be given the choice of keeping, and taking your own medicines, as you do at home.

We will provide you with all the medicines you need while you are in hospital, dispose of any unwanted ones and ensure that you receive a week`s supply, at no charge, when you leave the hospital.

Guide to hospital staff 

On our wards you will see many different members of staff. If you are unsure who they are please ask them to introduce themselves. Most of our staff wear uniforms and all our staff wear a name badge.

The person in charge of your care and treatment is called a consultant, and he or she will have a group of doctors who work with them. While on the ward, a team of nursing staff, including both qualified (registered) nurses and health care assistants, directed by a ward manager, will help look after you throughout your stay.

We have produced a uniform quick reference guide to some of the common staff and nursing uniforms to help you identify those caring for you.

Electrical equipment

TVs and radio facilities are provided in the wards. Hairdryers are available on most wards on request.

Please don`t bring TVs, radios, or computers, as any mains powered electrical equipment must be checked by a hospital electrician before use. Mobile phones are not allowed in some areas of the hospital, as these may interfere with fire alarms and some medical equipment.


Please do not keep large amounts of money, or valuables with you.

If you do have a large amount of money or valuables it is advisable to leave them with your relatives. If this is not possible, you should hand them to the ward staff for safekeeping. Your valuables will be placed in a red pouch with a numbered security seal and taken to the general office and locked in the hospital safe. They will be returned to you before your discharge, or on request if you wish. We will give you a receipt.

We cannot take responsibility for valuables or money not handed in for safekeeping during your stay in hospital.

Same sex accommodation

During your stay in hospital, every effort will be made to respect your privacy and dignity at all times. Most of our wards are single sex, that is, for men or women only. We do have a few wards which are mixed but in these, men and women are nursed in separate areas and have separate toilet and washing facilities.

Our emergency department (A&E) needs to accommodate men and women in the same area but this is usually for a very short period of time.

If you have any concerns about accommodation in relation to single sex accommodation provision, please speak to the nurse in charge of the area.

Better at Home patient question card

Inpatients should now be provided with a card on arrival, suggesting they ask three questions of medical and nursing staff each day about their return home.

 Better at Home patient question card 

Discharge and leaving hospital

For information on discharge and leaving hospital see our leaflet below.

 Your hospital discharge going home leaflet 


MRSA screening policy and information

MRSA screening policy, MRSA screening leaflet.


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