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Dressed is Best

Dressed is Best

Supporting our patients to maintain their independence

We are supporting the `Dressed is Best` initiative to help our patients get dressed and get moving, which aims to speed-up patients’ recovery and reduce the length of time people need to spend in hospital.


The premise is very simple. Once patients arrive in hospital, they normally stay in their pyjamas or hospital gown until they are discharged. The goal of this initiative is to get patients up, dressed and moving. 

While patients of all ages can benefit from being more active, it’s particularly important for older people.  There are great benefits from getting up, dressed and moving while you’re in hospital. We know that patients who do change into their day clothes and take some gentle exercise as soon as they are able to, feel much better both mentally and physically. It can also prevent further health complications that come from being bed-bound for too long. 

We want patients to be more involved with their treatment plan so they know what to expect and so they can work with their clinical and therapy teams to progress their recovery every day they’re in hospital and ultimately get back home as soon as possible. This enhances dignity and promotes a speedier recovery. 

Family and friends of patients are also being asked to support by ensuring their relative or friend has a change of clothes.

There’s sometimes an assumption that when you’re in hospital you should be in your pyjamas or nightwear all the time but that’s just not the case. We’d love to see more patients up and in their day clothes, and this is where family and friends can be a great help as they can keep their loved one stimulated and engaged by providing a fresh change of clothing each day wherever possible.  Our wards can be very warm, so lightweight clothes are advised.

We will help you to get up, dressed and moving when you are on our ward, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Your three steps to help recovery:

1.  getting dressed into your own clothes will make you feel better

2. Sitting out in your chair keeps your muscles strong and reduces the risk of muscle weakness

3. Walking to the bathroom helps promote your independence and recovery

Please ask a member of ward staff for help and more information.

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