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Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has signed the NHS Apprenticeship Promise which means that we will consider all vacancies at bands 1-4 as apprenticeship opportunities. Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes that lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Within our Trust, apprenticeships can be undertaken by existing employees as well as new starters of any age.

As training is work-based, most is on-the-job, and can last between 12 months and four years, depending on the particular training framework and the prior skill level of the apprenticeship. Vacancies for apprenticeships at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust will be advertised on the internal staff vacancy list or on NHS Jobs where application and candidate criteria is provided.

Work Experience

We recognise the importance of supporting local people to undertake work experience within our services.

Our future depends on attracting people to the wide range of careers on offer by increasing awareness of the different types of staff required to ensure the smooth running of a large NHS Foundation Trust.

Work experience is permitted for anyone over the age of 16.  Visits to theatre, neonatal department, mortuary, ICU/HDU and clinics must be under the direct supervision of a consultant. Enquiries about work experience opportunities should be made directly to Work Experience Co-Ordinator relevant to your career aspiration.

Applications can be made by completing the documents in this pack, and submitting them to the Work Experience Co-Ordinator.


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