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Wheelchair/Specialist Equipment - Stockport

Contact Information

 Stockport residents – 0161  204 4600

email - Wheelchair.Services@Stockport.nhs.uk

The wheelchair service is open Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm.

About Our Service

Welcome to the wheelchair service. We are here to assess for and recommend a wheelchair that will meet your needs for mobility.

We are a community based service that will offer you an assessment for a wheelchair to meet your mobility needs.

We have set criteria to work within and you must live within our catchment areas within Stockport and be registered with a Stockport CCG GP.

We will write you a prescription following assessment that will cover the issuing of a wheelchair that will meet your mobility need.

You will have the option to purchase an alternative wheelchair or to add to your wheelchair but this will be at your own cost.

Our Expertise

Our service is provided by qualified occupational therapists and/or physiotherapists who are specialised in wheelchair assessment and prescription.

We also have an experienced technical Lead who can offer advice and assessment of specific modifications to your wheelchair to suit your individual needs.

How to Use the Service

Before your visit

If you are an existing wheelchair user you must bring your wheelchair to your appointment. If you are not an existing wheelchair user then just bring yourself, however be aware that if we can we would like to issue your wheelchair on the day so please arrange suitable transport to accommodate a wheelchair on your return journey home.

During your visit

You will be measured to ensure your wheelchair is prescribed to be as comfortable as possible. This will involve hands on contact from your therapist. As part of your assessment you may be asked to transfer onto the plinth for further assessment of your balance and posture. A plinth is a therapy bench which can be raised and lowered on which a therapist can also sit and work with you to assess your posture. If you are a hoist user then you will need to bring your own sling with you.

After your visit

If we have a suitable wheelchair on site that meets your needs we will endeavour to issue you this at your appointment. This is not always possible depending on your individual needs and requirements. If your wheelchair is issued by us we will inform our maintenance team who will be in contact with you on a yearly basis to maintain your wheelchair and repair it if necessary.

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