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Equality and Diversity

Providing High Quality, Accessible and Responsive Services

Public Sector Equality Publication

The Public Sector Specific Equality Duties require NHS Trusts to publish information that demonstrates compliance with the general equality duties. Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has published the following reports to demonstrate our compliance:

Workforce Race Equality Standard

NHS England have incorporated the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) into the 2015/16 NHS Standard Contact.  THe standard requires organisations to demonstrate progress against a number of indiactors of workforce equality.  Our results and associated action plan are  published below.

Equality and Diversity Good Practice Toolkit

The Equality and Diversity Good Practice Toolkit has been created to ensure staff have the effective tools to communicate with patients and visitors to enable greater interaction with a modern, diverse society. See the Equality and Diversity Good Practice Toolkit.

Learning Disability

We offer unique support for people with learning disability - the strength of our outlook is the partnership approach between service users, carers and external organisations. Read more about our support for people with learning disability.

What to do when you are feeling unwell - multilingual patient videos

Stockport lies just a few miles form Manchester, one of the most linguistically diverse cities in Europe and home to over 150 different languages. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG`s) have been working closely with multilingual GPs to develop a new approach to help reach local people whose first language may not be English.

Working in conjunction with local GPs, we have produced a number of videos, which are available in Arabic, Bengali, English, Punjabi and Urdu. These videos provide information on what to do when you are feeling unwell. The GPs explain which NHS services are available to use such as pharmacies, 111, GPs, and A&E. Click here to view these videos.

Equality Impact Assessments

The purpose of an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) is to improve the work of the Trust, by promoting equality and ensuring that policies and functions do not discriminate either directly or indirectly against staff and service users.

For further information, please contact:

Safina Nadeem - Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead

Email: safina.nadeem@stockport.nhs.uk

Phone: 0161 419 4784


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