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Sensational cycling for the Stockport NHS Charity

10 Jun 2021 - Press Release

A great-grandfather who has taken a number of epic bike rides supporting the Stockport NHS charity will be setting out on his toughest cycling challenges yet this year.

With three separate routes from Lincolnshire, Dorset and Scotland, 70 year old Derek Farndell will be totalling over an incredible 1,200 miles in his bike riding challenges during the summer.

Derek is riding to thank hospital staff for the care they gave him five years ago, when he was severely ill in intensive care. Derek had suffered for a long time with severe hernias and chronic stomach disease, but he was rushed to A&E in June 2016 when his condition became life threatening.

Following major surgery, Derek was in an induced coma for over four days. Although his life was severely threatened, thankfully he was able to recover and go home with the help of the hospital’s surgical, ITU and medical teams.

Derek needs treatment for an aneurysm this year as well, and he says his bike rides are helping him keep his fitness up for the operation.

Ever since recovering from his surgery in 2016, former JCB driver Derek, husband to Mary, a dad of three, granddad of five, and great-granddad of one, has been busy helping to raise money for the hospital’s charity.  He has previously taken part in successful bike rides from Holyhead and London, but the new rides are his biggest challenges so far.

All rides finish at Derek’s favoured pub of the Rising Sun near his home in Hazel Grove. The first stage of the journey runs from Thursday 24th June to Sunday 27th June, where Derek will ride from Skegness via Felixstowe ; a route of 428 miles.

The second ride will be  Friday 30th July to Sunday 1st August and goes from Sandbank, Dorset; a mere 278 miles! The third ride from Wednesday 25th August to Monday 30th August will be by far the longest, coming all the way from Braemar in Scotland, Derek will this time by riding over 550 miles. 

Derek says “Before I first started these cycling challenges I hadn’t ridden a bike for years, but I’m well into it now. I’ve still got my ongoing health problems but these rides are keeping me as fit as can be as well as well as helping me raise money. The hospital saved my life, so I want to do all I can for the charity to show my appreciation. The response I’ve had has been great so far, and I’m hoping to get even more sponsors in the coming weeks.”

Derek is raising money for two projects from the charity, the Scopeguide fund paying for additional equipment for endoscopy patients, and the Laurel Suite which cares for cancer patients. While only Derek will be riding the whole distance, he will be joined by others on certain sections of the way. If you’re interested in riding on part of one of the journeys then you can contact Derek at derekfarndell@gmail.com

If you’d like to donate to Derek’s bike-ride fundraising, then https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/derek-farndell If you have any queries please write to charity@stockport.nhs.uk

Derek ready to ride!

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