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Heart Care Unit - Stepping Hill Hospital

Contact Information

Ward A11 – The Heart Unit

Ward Manager Janice Charnock

Ward Contacts 0161 4195106/5107

About Our Service

Our Heart Care Unit at Stepping Hill Hospital comprises of 8 Enhanced Care Unit (ECU) beds and 19 Cardiology beds.

Our ECU bays are equipped to constantly monitor patients on a 12 lead ECG, which can be accessed from the bays and the main nurse’s station. These beds are commonly used for our most unstable cardiology patients and those needing level 2 enhanced care.

These ECU bays are supported by its own pharmacy stock, with specialised drugs, its own external pacer, emergency resuscitation trolley and has protected staffing with a 1:4 nursing ratio.

The 19 Cardiology beds are divided into 4 bays of 4 beds and 3 side rooms. These bays are divided in such a way that we are able to ensure no mixed sex breaches and can flip bays dependant on the amount of male/female cardiology patients in the trust.

We can currently monitor patients on our 8 cardiac telemetry channels with the potential to increase this number if the service requires. These channels are monitored closely by the nurse in charge at the main nurse’s station.

Our Expertise

The type of patients that we care for on the Cardiology Unit include those with MI’s, Heart Failure, Arrhythmias, Cardiac Infections, Pre Cardiac Surgical patients, Adult Congenital Heart Diseases as well as those with other pre-existing cardiology issues and co-morbidities.

As well as the acute cardiology beds, we are in the process of renovating one of our areas into a Temporary Pacing Suite, which will enable us to treat patients that are in emergency need of a pacemaker on our ward at any point day or night.

Our Heart Care Unit Team comprises of 8 Cardiology consultants with 2 visiting cardiologists from other hospitals. We have 4 registrars and rotational junior doctors.

Our nursing team comprises of approximately 55 staff of different levels. Our nursing team is supported by the ward clerk, domestics, volunteers and a dedicated discharge team. We work closely with allied health care professionals to ensure our patients receive holistic care.



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