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Respiratory Physiology - Stepping Hill Hospital

Contact Information

To contact the service call 0161 419 5067

About Our Service

The department provides a range of services for patients. These services are delivered by Respiratory Physiologists in the Chest Clinic.

Our Expertise

Lung Function

  • Spirometry.
    • Used to assess airflow and volume of the lungs.

  • Response to a Bronchodilator Study.
    • Used to assess airflow and volume of the lungs after inhaled medication.

  • Diffusion Studies.
    • Used to assess gas exchange in the lungs.

  • Total Lung Capacity.
    • Assess the whole lung.

Respiratory Muscle Measurements

  • To assess for respiratory muscle weakness

Sleep Service

  • Limited Chanel Polysomnography Studies

    • Used to diagnose sleep disordered breathing such as central and obstructive sleep apnoea and to aid a diagnosis of nocturnal hypoventilation.
  • Exercise Tests (Shuttle Walk and 6 Minute Walk)
    • Monitors oxygen, heart rate and breathlessness.
    • Used to assess fitness as part of a pre-op assessment
    • Used to assess fitness prior to the commencement of treatment.
    • Used to assess unexplained breathlessness.

  • Hypertonic Saline Challenge

    • Spirometry is performed to monitor the lungs response to a nebulised saline solution. Test performed in conjunction with respiratory nurses.
How to Use the Service

You will be referred to the service by a healthcare professional. For more information on our service you can contact The Department of Respiratory Physiology on the number 0161 419 5067

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