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Crisis Response Team - Kingsgate House

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The Crisis Response Team are available 8am-10pm, 7 days per week 365 days per year.

About Our Service

The aim of the Crisis Response Team (CRT) is to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and prevent avoidable Emergency Department (ED) attendances by providing holistic multidisciplinary intervention and support in order to stabilise patients in their own home or usual residence.

We are a multi disciplinary integrated team consisting of highly skilled senior nurses, occupational therapists (OT), physiotherapists, Social Workers and support workers, in collaboration with the Mental Health Liaison Team.

We take referrals from any professional for example GP, District Nurse, Social Worker or NWAS , a CRT registered professional will triage the referral and ensure the patient is allocated to the appropriate member of the team; a nurse, OT, physiotherapist or social worker, with this initial assessment being carried out within 2 hours of the referral into the service. We will also assess patients who are in ED or CDU if our service is deemed appropriate.


To prevent a hospital admission we have access to a range of community resources and support options, our aim is to stabilise patients within 72 hours, if after these 72 hours of care on-going support is required then referrals will be made for support from the appropriate services in the neighbourhoods.

Our Expertise
  • We provide intervention and support patients in a crisis to prevent a hospital admission
  • We provide a bespoke highly skilled specialist response within 2 hours of a referral into the service
  • Assessment and provision of essential equipment to prevent a hospital admission
  • Assessment and provision of short term care, this can include home care, night support, or residential care.
  • Offer advanced clinical assessments, interventions and reviews from the nursing element of CRT
  • Offer therapy assessments and interventions to promote independence and re-enablement
  • Offer urgent social work assessments and work in harmony with the Neighbourhood Social Workers
  • CRT support patients who have a Enhanced Case Management plan
  • We work in partnership with the neighbourhood Advanced Nurse Practitioners, supporting patients with long term conditions
  • We collaborate with the Community Mental Health Liaison Team to support patients under the care of the CRT
  • we provide comprehensive support and advice to prevent a further crisis
  • We can offer surveillance for patients with long term conditions if they are at risk of hospital admission
  • Prior to discharging a patient we liaise with the appropriate health, social or third sector team to ensure that patients remain safe in their home
How to Use the Service

Our service is available for patients registered with a Stockport GP aged 18 or over.

All referrals to the service are via 204 4777, a CRT registered professional will take the referral, ensure the patient is appropriate for CRT intervention, then allocate the patient to the most appropriate member of the team, this being either a nurse, therapist or social worker with an assessment within 2 hours.

Patients with an Enhanced Case Management Plan or patients who have accessed CRT previously can access CRT directly

If in doubt whether a patient is appropriate for CRT intervention and support, please call us on 204 4777 for further information



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