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Outpatient Hysteroscopy - Stockport

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About Our Service

Welcome to our outpatient hysteroscopy service.  We provide a diagnostic service for women who are experiencing heavy or irregular periods, post-menopausal bleeding and other problems which may concern the womb cavity or lining.

Hysteroscopy involves the Consultant inserting a thin telescope into the womb through the vagina and cervix.  This can be carried out either using local anaesthetic or without, as an especially thin telescope is used during the procedure, this should cause minimal discomfort and is usually well tolerated by patients.

We advise that patients should have someone to collect them following the procedure if possible.  Occasionally, the entrance into the womb (cervix) is closed too tightly, even to allow the passage of the tiny telescope, and these women may require the procedure being carried out under a general anaesthetic, which can be booked to be done at the same visit.

Our Expertise

Patients are usually seen with 2 -6 weeks of their referral.  We advise patients to take simple pain relief before they attend for the procedure, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, this will hopefully prevent excessive discomfort. The procedure itself only takes a few minutes.  If some treatment is required, this can usually be carried out at the same time.  Most women experience some watery loss or bleeding and period type cramps following the procedure.

How to Use the Service

Patients are referred to the outpatient hysteroscopy clinic either from the gynaecology outpatient’s clinic, the fertility unit, the acute gynaecology unit but the majority of patients are referred from their own GPs.  The clinic is situated on the fifth floor of the Women’s building and situated in the Jasmine Suite.  There is a comfortable waiting area.  The service is provided by a Consultant Gynaecologist and dedicated nursing staff.

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