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Laboratory Medicine - Stockport

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About Our Service

Welcome to laboratory medicine which consists of blood sciences (haematology, biochemistry, coagulation, anticoagulation, point of care and blood transfusion), cellular pathology (histology, cytology and the mortuary) and microbiology.

Pathology offers a comprehensive range of services, which are fully supported by consultant-grade staff. We provide, interpret and report analytical results to aid the clinicians to treat and manage patient healthcare, and where necessary provide advice on any further investigations indicated.

Our Expertise

We are here to make sure the right test is performed on the right patient at the right time and to get the right result which will help to give the right treatment/management the patient needs.

How to Use the Service

Patients will be referred to use the service generally through their GP, clinics or within the hospital. Patients cannot enquire with the laboratory service about their results and must contact their referring clinician. Information can be found out on the web site as to how long specimens take to be processed and other laboratory information.

Detailed information can be found on our website:


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