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Health Mentors - Stockport

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Healthy Stockport Health Trainers can be contact via the website, www.healthystockport.co.uk

About Our Service

Welcome to Healthy Stockport – here to help you make positive changes to your health and lifestyle. Our service is focused on inspiring positive and lifelong behavioural change balancing psychological, physical and nutritional support and advice.

We set realistic targets and celebrate successes at every stage of a clients journey, our services are designed to empower individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices that make a real difference.

Healthy Stockport offers advice and support for people concerned with healthy eating and healthy weight, smoking, alcohol and mental wellbeing. Healthy Stockport can help you make the lifestyle changes you want to by offering tailored support by our expert health trainers.

Our services provide evidenced based advice and support for weight, smoking, alcohol, and mental wellbeing management for adults, which is tailored to the individual’s needs and we also provide a service for people with other food related health problems.

Healthy Stockport is funded by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council and delivered jointly by Pebble Enterprises and Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Expertise

Our health trainers are experts in their fields and have many years’ experience of helping people to make progressive lifestyle changes with positive outcomes.

We can offer support around alcohol consumption, smoking, stress and anxiety. Our health trainers role is not to give advice, it is to structure a series of discussions to empower the client to develop and use skills to regulate their own behaviour. This brief intervention aims to assist clients in moving towards specific goals.

Our health trainers have recognised qualifications and specific skills such as communication and community or group work skills, which provide motivational and practical support to our clients. Our health trainers are drawn from local communities and aim to reach people who want to adopt healthier lifestyles. The introduction of a more holistic health and wellbeing assessment means our health trainers work more broadly.

How to Use the Service

A new dedicated website www.healthystockport.co.uk has been launched to provide further, in-depth information on our services. Self-referral can be made via the Healthy Stockport website, no GP appointment is required.

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