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Endoscopy - Stepping Hill Hospital

Contact Information

Senior Managers

  • Mr Collin Kaydon (Operational Lead Manager)
  • Miss Louise Rockley (Clinical Unit Manager)
  • Miss Muriel Meaney and Mrs Nazia Rehman (Administration Managers)

Booking Team / Clerical team

  • Louise Langton (Endoscopy / ERCP / EUS Co-ordinator)
  • Tracy Barratt (Booking Officer)
  • Kirsten Farrell (Booking Officer)
  • Angela Marsh (Booking Officer)
  • Graham Burnett (Booking Officer)
  • Elisha Meaney (Booking Officer)
  • Marie Eastlake (Booking Officer)
  • Carly Baddeley (Booking Officer)
  • Sarah Smallwood (Booking Officer)
  • Tracey Edwards (Clerical Officer)
  • Debbie Wood (Clerical Officer)
  • Sarah Brooks (Clerical Officer)
  • Jane Cocks (Reception Clerical Officer)
  • Elaine Taylor (Reception Clerical Officer)
  • Janet Unsworth (Reception Clerical Officer)

Nurse Endoscopists

  • Mrs Sharmaine Anker (Lead Nurse Endoscopist Upper and Lower GI) 0161419 4086
  • Mrs Michelle Moran  (Nurse Endoscopist Upper and Lower GI) 0161 419 4086
  • Mrs Jennifer Berry (Nurse Endoscopist Upper and Lower GI) 0161 419 4086
  • Miss Danielle King (Nurse Endoscopist Lower GI) 0161 419 4086
  • Mr Steven Murphy (Nurse Endoscopist Upper GI) 0161 419 4086

Contact Centre

The Endoscopy unit can be contacted on 0161 419 2078. Options for patients to select as below:

1.Booking Team

2.Medication Advice (Recovery)

3.Main Reception

4.Note Prepping Team

Senior Nurses

  • Mrs Beverley Murphy (Sister) 0161419 5873
  • Mrs Sophie Bury (Sister) 0161419 5873
  • Mrs Karen Ashton (Sister) 0161419 5873
  • Mrs Julia Gibson (Sister) 0161419 5873
  • Mrs Catherine McCarthy (Sister) 0161419 5873
  • Mrs Mariya Scragg (Clinical Practice Lead) 01614195873

We are open 8am to 10pm Monday and Tuesday and 8am to 6pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Visiting times

As we are an outpatient service visiting is not appropriate. Patients can be dropped off and collected when their procedure has been undertaken.

About Our Service

Endoscopy provides a diagnostic service catering for both Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal and Chest investigations.

Investigations of The Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Tract and of the Lungs are carried out within our JAG Accredited Unit.

Our service is used by both inpatients and outpatients.

We are here to quickly and safely investigate your symptoms.

Providing high level of expertise in both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy.

Our Expertise

Our experienced and accredited Endoscopists all carry out endoscopy to national standards, with their practice audited twice yearly to ensure that National JAG standards are achieved. We carry out camera procedures in the Lungs and The Stomach and Colon to diagnose benign and malignant conditions.

We also undertake therapeutic Endoscopy to treat growths without the need for surgery.

Dilated vessels can be banded. And strictures dilated with balloons. Abnormal blood vessels can be sealed with argon ablation.

We are also currently fundraising for further advanced state-of-the-art equipment, for information on our Scope Guide Fund Appeal see here.

How to Use the Service
Patient Information leaflets / Before your visit

You will have been referred by your GP or Consultant team within the hospital.

Prior to your endoscopy you will be sent a letter to come in with information about your procedure and possibly preparation for your procedure. Read your leaflet carefully and if you need to contact the nurses regarding any issues the leaflet may have raised please do not delay and ring on 0161 419 2078 (Option 2)

For access the our patient information leaflets, please follow the link and select Endoscopy from the drop down menu: https://www.stockport.nhs.uk/patientinformationleaflets

During your visit

You will be asked to report to Endoscopy Reception which is on the ground floor of the main building opposite the Endoscopy Unit. We operate a single sex policy so you will not have to worry that you will be in a mixed sex environment if you have to change into a gown for your procedure. A member of nursing staff will walk you into the clinical area from the waiting room where you will be prepared for your procedure.

After your visit

You will receive a report when the nurses discharge you giving you information on  the endoscopy findings this will automatically be sent also to your G.P.

If you are a patient on regular Surveillance you will automatically be sent for prior to the time your procedure become due.

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